Hi everyone. Its been a while, but I`m about to start a new project. I could use some help.

I used to have a "thru the wall" exhaust fan directly behind my stove in the kitchen.
It was very old, very drafty, and very noisy.
I covered it up with Sheetrock a long, long time ago
We currently have no exhaust fan in the kitchen
My 27 year old son just got a wok for his birthday
He has been using the wok to cook his food and he loves it
It creates a lot of smoke
We need the fan back!!
He has offered to pay for a brand new one and I have agreed to install it
Can anyone suggest a very good fan, Quite and strong???
Am I better off with the range hood type or can I stay with the old style thru the wall type?
Which would be a better, stronger, quieter, choice?