Dear All

Finding this great forum was just a great sideeffect of investing in a Kinetico water softner. To start, I must tell I am from Denmark, in Scandinavia, looong from you guys!
Water treatment has not been leagal in private households until 3 years ago, which means, that water softners like Kinetico and such, are not very well known and even authorized plummers (they must be authorized by the government in Denmark if they want to do business in plumming) do not know anything of water softners like Kinetico and the like.
Anyway, I have via a friend heard about the Kinetico and bought one from one of the only (if not the only) dealers in Denmark. I am very happy with the product and it performs perfect.

I have done the installation my self (beeing automotive engineer) it is not rocket science, but my plumming seems quite simple and especially the by-pass arrangement could be more elegant, thus I have searched the web for a genuine Kinetico by-pass valve, and now the fun begins!! It looks like dealing with Kinetico parts are reserved for some few people almost like a cult or somesthing! Can it really be the truth, that there is no where to by genuine Kinetico parts on-line? You can get anything on the internet, except for Kinetico parts or am I wrong?? Could anyone guide me to a dealer who sells on-line??

Thank you all and have a good day!!

Best regards