Anyone have and ideas on testing a free standing direct vent gas fireplace? It's a used unit that looks to be in good condition, but I have not seen it running and want to make sure that it works before I run a new gas line and bust a hole in my basement wall for the vent. I was thinking about just placing it in my kitchen by my range (the only place I really have access to a gas connection) and pointing the pipe toward an open window. I want to see it run long enough to ensure that the pilot will light and the stove will fire up. Just writing this post makes me realize this is probably not a great idea, but that's all I came up with so far. Any ideas on how to do it safely would be greatly appreciated. I was originally planning on having my furnace maintenace company run the gas line and fire up the unit for the first time, but like I said, I'd hate to do all that work just to find out that there are problems with it.