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what type of resin am I looking for? Also should I go with a 96,000 which is what the calculator says or can I go with a 48,000 grain? My Kenmoore is a 38,500 grain.
With you using 13,500 grains/day, the 3.0' unit will give you 60K per regeneration about every 4 days @ 18 lbs of salt where a 1.5' unit @ 30K will have to be regenerated every 2 days @ 15 lbs. Thereby the 1.5' will use much more salt and water than a 3.0' unit.

You get a maximum K of capacity of 45K out of a 1.5 and 90K with a 3.0 cuft (both) @ 15 lbs/ft, not 48 and 96K.

The 1.5' has a constant SFR of 12 gpm, the 3' has 20 gpm.

You'll have to ask AK why he says the 3.0 needs 20+ gpm to work like it should; there is no such need. It means you can run 20 gpm through it and not suffer hard water bleed through. Exceed the SFR of the cu ft volume of resin and you get hard water through all softeners.

If I were still in business I would suggest a Turbulator (can't use gravel) and no top basket (Turbulators have their own) and 3.0 ft of SST-60 (using a 1/3 cup of Iron Out every 4-6 weeks in 2 gals of water and a manual regeneration) with a valve that an handle a 3.0 cuft softener.

The side tube on a Turbulator should be set 1-3" below the top of the resin bed (at rest) and usually comes preset that way for the tank you are using if you order the softener with a Turbulator.