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Thread: Should churches be taxed?

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    Default Should churches be taxed?

    I can't see a problem in these difficult times with a flat rate tax on the collection box.

    It's not as if they create jobs.

    The car parks are big enough and packed full on Sundays.

    But as always I'm open to opinions.

    Should we tax churches? And if not, why not?

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    Any "church" or preacher on TV should get a huge tax. And all the shopping networks should have a hourly broadcast tax for poisoning society.

    And there is a special place in hell for the "real estate" make you rich slimeballs with the glued on smile and painted teeth.

    And HLN's Robin Meade should be taxed by the size of the gold medallion on her overzealous chest. And for disturbing the peace of otherwise calm husbands.


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