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Thread: tank keeps leaking!!

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    Default tank keeps leaking!!

    I recently changed the ballcock assembly on my toilet because the water wasn't shutting off properly. I immediately noticed a small (1 drop at a time) leak coming from the seal where the lock nut attaches the ballcock assembly to the tank. What can i do to fix the seal here? Is it possible the tank was damaged when the old assembly was removed? I've tried several different assemblies and they all still leak!

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    The ball cock will have a rubber washer that seals it to the china tank.

    If you're using flexible supplies, they will come with rubber seals on the end.

    Make sure that you're not adding problems with tapes and pastes.
    Trust in the rubber seals.

    If the porcelain is a bit rough, you can smooth it with some emory cloth.

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    Default leak

    Wasn't leaking till you took the old one out?
    You have a rubber washer on the inside too.
    A lot of the ballcocks come with a nice soft , thick rubber washer. If you didn't over tighten it at first, then you should be able to snug it some more.


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