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Thread: 2 zone system-no heat upstairs-Boiler doesn't fire when that zone asks for heat

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    Default 2 zone system-no heat upstairs-Boiler doesn't fire when that zone asks for heat


    Glad I found this forum. Perhaps someone can assist me.

    2 zone system. Gas fired-forced hot water (not baseboards but air handlers-one in basement and one of 2nd floor)

    3 circ pumps-and a taco controller. zone 1 works, the hot water system works-all 3 circ pumps turn on.

    Zone 1-everthing works fine
    Hot water heater works fine
    Zone 2-turn on heat, set hallway thermostat on 90F, pump circ starts, air handler upstairs starts and blows (cold) but the boiler never starts up.

    I thought it may be air in the system so turned th the valves in the 2nd floor airhandler to release any air, but no air came out-

    The zone 2 thermostat when turned to heat kicks on the blower in the 2nd floor-can anyone tell me how does the air handler tell the boiler to start? Could that be my issue?

    Zone 1 kicks in the Burnham boiler
    Zone 2 does NOT start the boiler.

    I swapped zone 1 with zone 2 relays in the taco but that didnt work?

    Last year I had what I thought was the same issue-no heat upstairs-I called a random plumber. He and his partner came-(I didn't watch) said the released the air from the system. Heat worked when they left. This year, same issue-I found the valves-turned them-uneventful. No air hissing.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you
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