We are doing a remodel and will replace two older Toto toilets. They are back to back connected with a "T". I was going to install newer Toto toilets but due to our "T" connection Toto won't support it. I researched American Standard and Kohler and their support reps have said the same thing - they won't perform in a back to back with a "T". Our plumber has told us that to change out the T would be a substantial amount of work (and cost).

I've seen some postings in this forum that indicate that while it's not ideal, it can be done with some possible issues.

Two questions:

Realistically, what type of issues could we expect?

Second, which brand/model would best the least problematic in this config? We do need ADA height, and would like to stick with a major brand where replacement parts won't be a problem down the road. We'd like to keep the price reasonable, but do want decent quality.

One suggestion was a Kohler model with their Ingenium flushing system but from what I can read that's not an especially good toilet - hate to install something I know in advance won't work well.

Thanks in advance for any help.