Anyone have any experience with venting direct vent fireplaces? I picked up a gas free standing stove that I'm planning to install. I'll likely do the venting myself and have the gas line run down by someone else. It'll be a below grade installation, and Im quite sure I'll need a snorkel to raise the height of the vent since it will only be about 12" above grade where it exits the wall. I keep reading that the vent needs to be 12" above the highest anticipated snow level. Does anyone know here I can find that height for Michigan? Looks like the snorkels come in 14" and 36" heights. If I can get away with the 14", I will, but with my luck I'll have to spring for the 36" job. Those crazy things are like $400. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Secondly, is it possible to cut into the middle of a gas line to install a tee, or would it be more cost effective to disconnect the line back to a union or something to add a drop for the fireplace. The stove will be right below the existing gas line.