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    Default kitchen design tip

    Instead of using clay tile for a backsplash in the kitchen, go with glass tile, as shown on www.homeechina.com. Eye-catching glass tile adds an artsy, modern touch to a traditionally homey room. The model has 4- by 4-inch tile. Other choices, available in all colors of the rainbow, include mosaic tiles and 2- by 2-inch tiles.
    glass tile
    mosaic tile
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    That sounds like the kind of rambling "nonsense" that Rocky Balboa would spout after going 12 rounds with Mr. T. The counter is going to be "straight" and the sink should also be "straight". If the sink is crooked, then it will be very apparent when it does not line up with the front of the countertop, or the backsplash.

    Here is my what my hubby that you maybe interested in....


    check it out


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