Hi everyone-

I called the tech assistance line about my installation but they were unable to answer me, so I thought I'd go straight to you...with 2 related questions.

Question1 : I have a Rheem Eco Sense 180 DVN tankless I'm about to install. It says that the water supply is to be 3/4". The City of Toronto (where I live) has a 3/4" supply line into the house, but it is commonly reduced to 1/2" inside the residence. Does this still count as 3/4" (I'm thinking about Pascal's Principle here- pressure is still the same, etc...) since it began as 3/4" when it entered my house?

Question2: If the output (hot) line is only partly 3/4", with 1/2" down the line at some spots, is that ok?

The tech person on the phone just kept saying "3/4" to me, and wasn't really aware of Pascal's Principle. I probably sounded like a jerk. Oh well.

Thanks anyone, everyone!