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Thread: Which Cutoff Tool Should I Purchase for...

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    Default Which Cutoff Tool Should I Purchase for...

    ...removing particle board flooring from a mobile home. I'll have to remove this crap from underneath sill plates and am trying to decide on the right tool for the job to cut off nails. Should I get pnuematic, cordless or corded?

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    Cordless will be the most useful in the long run, after this job is done. The Sears, and other companies', "multitool" may be the one for your purpose or a SawZall with a metal cutting blade.

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    I hope you know what a nightmare that is and also hope it is not a large area you are doing , a battery tool wont run long enough without charge for a job this hard . all you can do is use a sawsall with short wood blade to get close as you can to wall but it is best to just break the particle board so you wont hit plumbing or electric wires . Or you can use a power saw with carbide blade set 3/4 deep . Then you can drill up under plate and use a wood chisel to make a place for the sawsall with a metal blade to get under and cut the nails . there are a lot of electric wires that go up through the plate and they might be hard to see . Also if you take out a very long section you need to put temparary shims so the plate wont drop down .
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