This is more an electrical issue so, I'll post it here. I am installing a 240V 500 Watt Cadet baseboard heater in a bedroom I am remodeling. I ran the NMB from a single pole 20A double breaker (more on that in a minute) to a receptacle box on the wall of the bedroom where the thermostat will go, then to the heater. I wired the thermostat box direct just to make sure the heater is working. I get power on both legs at the thermostat box and at the heater itself. It's not working at all. No heat, whatsoever.

I realize that I need to install a double pole breaker for the final install so both legs will trip together. The single pole is just a temporary to make sure there are no problems along the run.

My assumption is the heater is bad. Anyone see any other problem? I ran my Fluke Voltage Detector down the heater element of the heater and it tweeted very intermittently. I assumed it would tweet constantly. All connections have been checked and double checked.