Iím fussing with what to do with the main shutoff valve at my daughterís house. I want to do some work in her laundry area and so I need to shutoff the water while Iím working. The problem is that the handle on the main shutoff is broken, but my daughter says that the valve itself is functional, because she said she managed to close it relatively recently by using a wrench on it in lieu of itís original working handle.

Iím attaching 3 photos. Unfortunately the quality of the shots is poor, but Iím hoping someone might still be able to recognize the valve. I havenít spotted anything like it at Home Depot to understand how it operates and most importantly see how the handle attaches.

Does anyone recognize the valve? Do you think I can locate a replacement handle and simply replace it?

Assuming Iím gentle, will trying to remove the handle likely result in me damaging the actual valve?

If simply replacing the handle is a reasonable possibility, am I correct in thinking that I donít need to have the city shut the water at the street, just to replace the handle?

Because the photos are poor, it seems to me like there are 3 distinct pieces at the top of the valve
1) a circular ring that has a stub of metal sticking up from it (... maybe whatís left of the old handle? ... maybe part of the actual valve casting?)
2) a 6 sided nut
3) then finally some sort of top piece that I canít decide what it is/does (... is it another nut?)

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