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Thread: Need a good 25 1/4" Toilet back to front?

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    Default Need a good 25 1/4" Toilet back to front?

    I currently have an old 3.5 gpf Kohler Rialto which I would like to replace with a Toto. It looks like the round Toto is 26 1/2" from the wall to the front.

    I love the 28" Toto Carlyles I have in the other bathrooms but the extra 1 1/4" of the round front Toto is a problem.

    Does anyone know of a good toilet that sizes like the Kohler Rialto.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default toilet

    Measure the distance from your finished wall to the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor flange. Just to make sure that you have a 10" or 12" rough toilet in place right now......

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    Default Toilet 12"

    It measures 12" currently which I guess is the current standard.


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