Hi everyone,

I have an A.O. Smith GPCR 50-100 (natural gas) power vent water heater that does not
seem to want to turn on so there is no hot water now. And I don't know much about
water heater at all.

I recycled the power and I heard sounds that seem to make the water heater turn on. Then,
it shuts down immediately. I then reviewed the LED status code from a manual downloaded
online and found that there is an "error with hot surface ignitor circuit." I then called
the manufacturer and found out from technical support that the problem maybe the
Combination Gas Valve or the Hot Surface Ignitor Assembly. Does that sound correct?
Or are there other potential problems that may cause the LED status to output the error code.

BTW, I am not sure if it is out of warranty. How do I find the date when it is installed?
I live in a condo. Should I call the HOA to find out when the item was installed? Would
this be a valid proof? And is there usual requirement for replacing water heater in HOA?
Do I need to get the same type of power vent heater?

I am thinking about getting parts from **** because one of the part (the valve) is $388.
Is that a good idea? Is there a way of refurbishing the valve DIY style?

Finally, if I need to replace this water heater. What would you all recommend from home

Thank you in advance for response.