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Thread: Control mounted on bathtub to operate Jacuzzi motor

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    Default Control mounted on bathtub to operate Jacuzzi motor

    I am gutting a poorly designed basement bathroom. After some thought, I decided to keep the installed Jacuzzi tub (I think it might be 1980s but not really sure; I suppose I should carefully look for leaks prior to final install).

    The tub used the typical wall timer for operating the pump. I noted that many models offer operator controls on the bathtub surfaces. I would like an on/off control that can be operated from within the bathtub.

    Are there any after market controllers available for operating the Jacuzzi tub from the bath tub?

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    Probably. But, the first thing to determine if it is a Jacuzzi, or some other brand. Then, contact the manufacturer to see what they have available. I have an air switch on my air tub (no association between air switch and air tub). It is a plunger type button in the tub area with a hose on the back that feeds into a little pressure switch on a controller. So, no electrical connection in the tub at all. Similar type things are available to control your garbage disposal unit in the kitchen so you don't have to fumble for an electrical witch with wet hands (normally not a big deal, but the air switch is often right on the sink, therefore closer and easier to reach).
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    You must have either a very old, or a very new tub, because the only ones I have seen without an air switch used an electronic control that only worked if you were in the tub and it had water in it. But you can retrofit something like the ISE remote switch, assuming your pump is 120 volts, with the button on the deck and the pump plugged into its controller.

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