I kow this has been discussed before, but as a female who is trying to understand this (and not get ripped off by an electrician), could this be explained to me and what, if anything, I need to do before I spend $200 to an electrician who is spouting off stuff I don't understand. I've posted before where we replaced the grey plastic water pipes in our home with copper.

Water pipe to our manufactured home is plastic from the ground and then goes into copper (no copper pipe in the ground). Most of the sinks and both toilets have plastic pipe from the floor up. Copper pipes to both showers, except for one section on one shower that has about a 6 inch PVC pipe inserted on the hot side. Copper pipes to electric water heater.

I'm not trying to start a debate, just trying to understand what, if anything, needs to be done as far as grounding or bonding. Thanks for any help (and please excuse the uninformed female who is trying to be better informed)