I hired a new HVAC guy to do some work recently and was impressed with a cut he did to repair a cut line from the condensing unit into the outside wall of the home. I thought for sure he would use a skill saw or a sawsall and make a mess of it. When I inspected his work after he was done it was a really nice precision cut on a rather difficult surface with ridges. I had to call him back and ask him what he used. Was it a Dremel? No. He said it was a dual saw. I asked him where he got it and he said you can't buy it in stores, you have to buy it from a web site. I asked him to look it up and tell me the name. He said it was the Omni Dual Saw. Since this guy actually bought it, and has been using it on the job I asked him some questions. Is it AC powered? Yes. How long have you had it? A couple of years. Any problems with it? No, it does a fantastic job. So I went to the web site and bought one. It's on the way. Haven't used it yet, but was wondering if anyone of you guys actually have that saw.

I looked and saw a mix of reviews (more than half were bad, while some were good). Most reviews I read looked like they are advertising for Omni, and the bad reviews seemed to be complete morons trying to use this thing to cut 3/4" USB to do a roof. I mean, it's a pretty tiny motor, no matter what they advertise, I think a little common sense would dictate that you would use this on smaller repair jobs, not big renovation projects.

I'd like to think my HVAC guy's review weighs in pretty heavily. I'll try it out and post back. I see Sears has their version of a dual saw as well. I kind of regret buying the Omni when I could have gone to Sears to get basically the same thing (at first glance). Anyone else use this thing?

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Sears Dual Saw
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