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Thread: Moisture detected in bathroom

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    Default Moisture detected in bathroom

    OK, there's moisture in everybody's bathroom. However, during my manufactured home inspection, the inspector used a "moisture meter" and detected moisture between the master bath tub and toilet. Some work had been done by the previous owner and his cronies (I now recognize his "signature" from other places in the house) and I later found out that he had put the shower arm into the threaded piece in the wall of the shower/tub without any teflon tape and it was pouring water down between the plastic surround and the wall. Luckily, I have two showers and I won't use the master bath until I am sure it is OK. I fixed the shower arm and now I want to make sure everything is dry. Should I rent or buy a basic moisture meter to check for dryness? I've tried to rent one without success and I don't know if I can buy a cheap one that will do the job. Should I do something else? I am open to suggestions. Thank you.

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    There might be a whole lot of mold behind the wall, and if there's any wood or insulation, it could be rotten. The safest thing is to take enough off to look in there. But, if you did stop the moisture intrusion, eventually it will dry out (but it won't restore any rotten structure!). You might want to run a dehumidifier in there for awhile and raising the heat level will also help, but it will be slow since it is covered with the shower surround so it will only dry out the sides.
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