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Thread: Flapper leaking on AS Lexington 1-piece

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    Default Flapper leaking on AS Lexington 1-piece

    The flapper is worn and needs o be replaced. Can I just replace the black rubber or does the whole flapper kit need to be replaced?

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    You should be able to replace disc only. You don't have a habit of using the handy cleaners that drop into the tank, do you?, some of them will deteriorate the mechanism

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    You can just replace the disc, UNLESS, you break its retaining "pin" off when you remove the old disc.

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    Be careful when removing it as HJ said if you break the pin you have to replace the whole thing. The problem is that your model takes a different size than the regular AS part. I had to have one ordered in from AS last year and it took a few weeks.

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    yep found just the disc and that solved the problem. thanks guys

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