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Thread: shed roof needs a new hat!

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    Default shed roof needs a new hat!

    I've got a 170 sq ft shed with a modest roof slope in upstate NY. The paper roof has some ruts and dings, causing a leak. Anyone recommend a procedure for papering it over? I thought I'd cut out the imperfections and cover it with EITHER self-adhesive material like Ice and Water Shield or put down another layer of tar paper, then nail it in place. There's also the possibility of troweling roof cement I guess. Also, I'm not sure whether it's important to pull up the existing stuff down to the plywood.
    The sheds in pretty good shape otherwise. Thanks very much!

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    If it is JUST tar paper, then roll an adhesive down first and then apply the new tar paper.

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    Thanks. I want to be clear, what's there now is nailed down tar paper. Are you saying put the adhesive backed material directly on it, THEN apply new tar paper over that?
    ALSO, I don't need to lift the old paper? Again, 95% in good shape.

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    Tar paper isn't really designed as a wear (external) surface. I'd get some rolled roofing material or even some shingles and put on a roof that should last for 20-years. You don't have all that much area, and the cost and time to install wouldn't be that great. Don't forget flashing the edges, either.
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