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Thread: Happy Halloween!

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    Default Happy Halloween!


    *I have no sound on my laptop, so I don't know what they are saying, hope nothing offensive. The cat is great.

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    Well, Halloween has come and gone for now. It is bitter sweet for this year many of the kids that come to our house is now getting too old. These kids are special kids. They are kids from the Miracle League, kids with all forms of handicaps.

    As I watched one little girl make her way across my lawn with her leg braces on, I worried because of the low's and high's in some parts of it. But, she did it. And, as she reached the road with her candy sack in her hand, she turned and smiled and waved.

    I blew her a kiss, but it didn't so much come from me, as I blew it for her from my husband who loved these kids more than I can tell.

    These are his kids. The vans pulled up at 5:45, and I watched to see how many familar faces I would see. The little girl at the door, told me how cute my cats was and then, asked, to see the very tall man who lives here. As I have done in past years, I couldn't say he was gone, but, instead, he was in the bathroom and couldn't be called. She asked me to tell him, about her leg braces, she was now walking.

    Life moves on, and I was glad to see improvement in most of the kids, but, sad to realize the reality of time moving on, too.

    I gave them all, extra bags of chips, extra candy bars, and extra hugs.

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    So, if any of you men there, don't have much to do, I would recommend joing a Miracle League. You can be any age to help those kids with special needs. If you got a kid of your own, I am sure you can relate. It is great for even those who are retired and looking for something to add meaning to your life. Nothing is more rewarding than helping a kid.

    Five years after my husband's death, those kids are still asking for him. That is the impact he made on them. He made that impact on those he met. He touched so many lives. At his funeral, the director asked my sister, " who was that man?" Because of the amount of people who came, we had to block the traffic off at the main road. He always made the difference in people's lives.

    The week of his sudden death, we were sitting downstairs in our basement watching the small black & white tv, drinking our "delicious" coffees from McDonalds and I was reading to him from out local rag, when he asked me out of the blue, " don't you feel like the unluckiest person in the world?" (He was referring to my newly found cancer again, for the fifth time, the 3 brain tumors, the hemolytic anemia I have weathered forever and nearly lost my finger, and the pneumonia I was battling waiting for it to go away to start chemo again, for the fifth time.)

    It took me no time to answer him saying, " no, I have you, we have great kids, and a nice home, and I want for nothing."

    He died that week. He died infact that Saturday in the basement just feet away from the table I was sitting at when he asked me that question.

    I am the luckiest person in the world, because I was married to him for nearly 25 years and those years consisted mainly, of laughter and love.

    If you join the Miracle League, you will also, get out and enjoy some fresh air and watch those kids smile when they hit a ball. Touch others lives in ways that count with love and kindness, and you will never be forgotten.
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