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Thread: fv75 fill pro delta toilet fill valve operation

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    Default fv75 fill pro delta toilet fill valve operation

    Good Morning Oh Venerable Dispensers of Plumbing Advice.

    a search on the forums yielded no match to <fv75> or <fill valve diaphragm>.

    My FV75 fill valve is not operating the way I think it should. I have installed many of these, they are the flat ones with a diaphragm. This one was purchased and installed last week.

    The water that (supposedly) goes up the small black tube and down the big white tube (that's technical jargon) does not (appear to) have enough pressure to make it to the top of the black tube. Therefor, no additional water is going down the big white tube, IMO the cause of the unsatisfactory flush. Removing the black tube from the fill valve shows barely a burble coming from the fill valve supply orifice.

    the question is,
    is this something that needs adjusting, and if so how; or did I just get a lemon and must wait till tomorrow to return it to the store and get another; or perhaps there is something else I need to look at?

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    You are using a "FillPro"? In that case you are a masochist. The ONLY place I use those are in decorative fountains and horse waterers.
    1. They are ILLEGAL, (just because someone sells them does NOT make them legal), because they have absolutely NO backflow or siphon breaker prevention
    2. There is absolutely NO WAY to stop the flow manually if it does not shut off properly.
    3. Either the valve has mercifully died, or you do not have enough house water pressure to direct water through the refill tube.

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    That is sad to hear. These have been my favorite fillers for years and problem-free. Actually it is the Delta brand, I've only heard the two names used interchangeably. The packaging does say anti-siphon, but maybe that is different than siphon breaker.

    Anyhow, thanks for the advice much as I don't like it I will look into another style of filler for a new favorite.

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