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Thread: BathTub-Bedding !!

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    Default BathTub-Bedding !!

    We are in-process of installing in our basement, on a concrete-floor, raised 6" to correct for height, a new decent-quality soaker fiberglass tub.....
    I ran-across data a couple years-ago, sand-bedding (( for some reason )) ,,
    the base of the tub.

    (( ours has 6 foam base-pads, and a 1/2 " wood laminated-base integral already ))

    can anybody advise ??

    Also :::

    should we insulate with fiberglass batting, the * box * the tub will reside-in ??

    Thanks In-Advance !!

    Chris ( & Tracy ) in Post Falls, Idaho

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    You may have seen mention of a mortar base that the tub can be dropped into.

    It doesn't take much, just some piles that will smoosh down.
    If you try to set it down uniform, the tub may not push down enough to meet the deck.

    If you have a "deck" tub, it's a good idea to support the bottom, the lip isn't intended to carry the weight.
    Insulation around the box may help to keep heat in.
    Can't hurt.

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    Default Perfect, thank-you !

    We are heading to Lowe's early this-morning to get the 2" ABS for the drain/plumbing, I **do** believe we will just have a good base set-up, and no actual bedding then...
    I'll use fiberglass-bats around the tub itself, I will make sure I have ( luckily ),,
    access from the operational-end ( where the faucets are ) permanently thru the wall also !!

    I DO appreciate you'r help on this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris ( & Tracy ) from Post falls, Idaho


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