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I found out about this "possibility" the hard way
The newspaper code words for Capture are ". . .this agency is too cozy with the industry it regulates."

The agency I tried to blow the whistle on has been in the papers twice since 2002. It turns out that 600 to 6000 preventable fatalities in the US each year is "down in the noise."

In another flap at another agency I read that one guy actually said that "not enough people have died yet. "
I thank him for his honesty and hope I see him someday in a very hot place presided over by a guy with horns, a tail and a pitchfork.

The good news is, the thousands I spent for a lawyer in a vain attempt to keep my job were tax deductible. Wow!

Now there is a bunch of bull shi... if I have ever seen any! What the hell does China have to do with this conversation?