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Thread: Sewer sleeve alternatives

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    Default Sewer sleeve alternatives

    Roto Rooter has recently rooted out my sewer again for the second time in 6 months and suggested that I send a camera through the line to identify the problem areas. So they did and found that my 4" line running down almost to the street appears fine, but when it gets about to the property line it meets with a 6" concrete pipe that travels about another 15 feet to reach the main city sewer line. I am told that in Bothell where I live that home owners are responsible for maintaining sewer lines from the city sewer main where my line meets. The concrete line runs about 15 feet under the road. So the Roto Rooter plumber says that my most economic option is to excavate a trench on my property and sleeve the existing concrete pipe. And that the other alternative is to dig up the road and replace the aging concrete pipe at about 3 times the cost of the sleeve option. What are my economical alternatives for a permanent fix to this problem? Bids welcome.


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    I'd solicit bids from other companies.
    The one you have will probably be the highest bid...

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