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Thread: Toilet Flange Extension

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    Default Toilet Flange Extension

    I am working on replacing a leaking toilet and need some advice on getting a good water-tight seal. The flange is sitting 1/4"-1/2" below the vinyl and underlayment, which is what may have caused the leaking. I have a new wax ring-Harvey's No. 10 with extra-thick wax. Are there extensions I can get to install on top of the flange to raise it to floor level before seating the new toilet? I am REALLY hoping to avoid another leaking problem!


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    Many choices...the best would be to reset the flange to on top of the finished floor. Then, yes, there are flange extenders. There are also some waxless seals that have a funnel like piece that would take care of that (Fluidmaster and Fernco are two brands). Or, you could use two wax rings, one with a funnel, one without. The one with the funnel on top so the funnel helps keep the bottom one centered and so it can't smush into the drain to create a blockage. Normally, a single one with a funnel can be more problems than it solves, but when things are low, it can help.
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