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Thread: Kohler question and TOTO

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    Default Kohler question and TOTO

    I was planning on buying a pedestal sink from Kohler, The Memoirs Pedestal.. It goes with a matching toilet based on the class 5 Cimmeron (SP) flushing system.. I have been reading mixed reviews of this toilet... I really like this pedestal and the toilet matches... I dont know what to do.. Is the cleaning part of the toilet really that bad??

    In another bathroom I have a Toto Clayton... Nice toilet, but that too doesnt have great bowl cleaning ability.. That leads me to my second question... Does Toto guarantee their toilet flushing ability? I have had this toilet for a few years and dont really like it.. Will toto stand by and take it back?

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    If the Clayton doesn't work well enough for you, you're going to hate the Memoirs.

    And you expect anyone to take back something you've been using for years?

    You're thinking of Nordstrom's. Wear it out and impress a sales clerk by asking for new underwear.
    But seriously, it would make a good comparison if you bought the Kohler. Then you could compare them.

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