Hello. Background: I have had my iron filter refurbished due to clogging. I was not given the option of a new unit, which would have been cheaper. I was not told by the service tech that the filter and softener I have require appx 200 gallons each to flush. I have an old small (22gal)wellx tank . I have no well log. I'm guessing at 1 GPM or less.

So, my solution so far. I have purchased a 500 gal poly holding tank. I want to run the wellwater to this tank, then onto a 115v 1hp grundfos jetpump, into a 33 gallon wellrite tank.

My questions are about both the electrical and supply lines.

The deep well is 240v. I was going to use a float switch combined with a flip flop switch to operate the well. This is to keep the well from overwork and reduce the chance of pumping sludge. I was going to run the jetpump from the original pressure switch on a new 110v circuit

I was going to use the well's 1" poly to feed the big tank, and then switch to 1 1/2" pvc reduced to 1" to feed the jet pump,well tank, and onto the filters. I'll be on 3/4" pex after that....

What I'd like to know is...am I making any glaring errors here?

Thanks for your help.