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Thread: Toilet shut off valve no longer letting water in after I shut it to do some work

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    Why is called 'retro'.

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    It's hard to tell what's coming out of the wall...if it is a threaded connection, a screw-on shutoff should work. If that elbow is soldered, then that won't work. If there's enough sticking out (doesn't look like, it), you could cut it off and put a compression valve on that stub. Otherwise, a compression on that copper stub that is vertical, or it if has a threaded adapter soldered onto it, a new threaded shut off there.
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    ret·ro·fit definition

    To install or fit (a device or system, for example) for use in or on an existing structure, especially an older dwelling.

    They are made to attach on top of a failed valve but would be perfect for your situation.

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