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This thread is a shining example of how things get out of hand.

I can not for the life of me understand why time and time again we have to get bogged down in semantics or minutia that in the end have no bearing at all on the origional question and only serve as a platform to one up each other. In the end, picking nits will only get you a pocket full of nits which are of little or no value.
Well I know you know why but I'll remind you. Go to post #1 and you'll see I replied in post #2. Since then Biermech/Skippy Wolverton now AKA Water Dude just had to pick at something I said and he's been at it ever since and now you have to stick your nose in and whine'n complain and pretend to not understand what's going on while going back on your promise to not post here again.