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Thread: WHES30 not working

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    Default WHES30 not working

    I have been having problems with the thing for over a year and a half. I can not get it to regenerate. I have replaced the power supply, motor, rotor and disc, all gaskets and seals, by-pass valves, turbine support and shaft, turbine, and the switch. The only thing that I can think it could be is the control board. Is there any way to test the board? Every thing starts to work if you plug it in, and it will show 503 min. on the display and never change until it gives an err 1 message. What do you think? Can the boards be repaired?

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    An error code shows a fault with the electronics. If you have replaced all other electronic parts and it is still doning the same thing than the control board may be at fault. I don't know of anyone who repairs the boards. You might want to replace the board or the unit.

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    I would go with a board that has gone bad, showing 503 minutes when you power it back up is not a good sign.

    There are used ones out there to be found and new ones from a few sites.

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