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Thread: Sioux Chief Arrestor Question

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    Default Sioux Chief Arrestor Question

    A few months back I plumbed in new laundry supply lines in pex. I recently read about the sioux chief mini resters. I have not drywalled yet, so I was looking at cutting the pex line near the ox box and adding a mini rester with crimp rings. Does it need to be secured against a stud or anything? Would it be better to use the mini resters that hook up to the supply valves? I prefer the in wall pex method for aesthetic reasons. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    They last a long time, but eventually will fail...I'd rather have it accessable. Note that you can get them with a hose connection on them already and you can put it on the washer end, it will be totally hidden, but still accessable. It doesn't have to be at the shutoff. In fact, the closer to the machine's shutoff valve, the better.
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