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Thread: mudset tile floor

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    Default mudset tile floor

    I have a mudset tile floor. I read a thread from a guy that was taking down some mudset tile on the walls, but my issue is a floor. I'm doing a gut rehab and want to take out the mudset, for several reasons: a) I want to run drain/vent pipes and there isn't room w/o removing the mudset. b) I'm not sure if the joists have been notched, & if so I want to sister new 2x10s with the existing joists. c) It is heavy and is on a 16 ft span.

    The house was built in 1900. My mudset job is supported by tongue & grove planks between the joists, which are in turn supported by strips running along the sides of the joists - near the bottom.

    I can attack this from either the bottom or the top. All fixtures have been removed from the bathroom.

    How should I proceed? Should I pull the strips on the sides & just let the stuff fall away? Should I try to cut it w/ a concrete saw? Should I just sledge the thing from the top or bottom? The ceiling below this floor has been removed and the 1st floor under it will be totally redone.

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    A nice thick mudset tiled floor can overcome some problems the new materials can't handle - the mudset floor is thick enough to act like a floating monolithic mass. Keep in mind that if you install a 'normal' subfloor and want to use something like cbu, you almost certainly will need to sister, and even then, it may not be enough. When you sister, keep in mind that you can let the sister ride higher than the existing joists, if it will help produce a nice flat, level floor. Letting the old stuff drop the 8 feet or so to the first floor risks some major damage, so I'd probably not consider that. The best place for quick answers on this type of question is: www.johnbridge.com , they live and die on tiling techniques. There are some here, but mostly plumbers. You'll get more and faster responses over there on tiling issue.
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