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Thread: How do I test Millivolt valve system - Pilot is on, but main burner not lighting

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    Let's try that link again:


    I do not have a schematic for that replacement gas valve(GSV820A1047A), but you can see it lists my current one (VS87A9X4X2) as one it replaces.

    When you state "The internal valve coil must then be connected to the topmost and bottommost of the four terminals." (SO THE VALVE COIL is CONNECTED TO WHICH 2 terminals in my picture)?

    Also, you made me think that my physical valve actually has 6 screw in terminals? I have never learned to read a schematic, but it seems to indicate 4 terminals?

    Also, the two steel plates on the physical valve terminals are 'jumpered 'from a pile generator(RED) to (thermostat)TH1, and another from the other thermostat terminal(TH2) to a Limit terminal(L2).

    But the schematic seems to me to show one connection from one of the limit terminals (Lx) to a Thermostat terminal(T1 or T2), and another connection from the other LIMIT Ly) to a PILE GENERATOR terminal (either RED or WHITE).

    Am I interpreting the schematic wrong?

    Thanks for that heads up on the CO detectors!
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