Here in Ontario, it seems pretty tough to find a toilet not made in China these days. Call me anal, but for our bathroom reno, I'm trying really hard to stay away from anything made in China. Something about human rights abuses, melamine in baby milk and dog food, lack of mine safety, communist dictatorship, poisons in kids toys, lack of respect for copyright laws, etc... etc... etc.... that turns me right off Chinese made goods. I feel that taking my dollars elsewhere is one of the only ways I can voice my opinion on these things.

I would prefer to buy stuff from North America, but would settle for stuff made anywhere other than China. But it's really tough to find out where stuff is built until you actually are holding the box it comes in, and even then, sometimes it's not marked.

We've been looking at Toto toilets, but yesterday at the bathroom showroom, noticed that the Aquia that we were looking at, had "Made in China" stamped on the inside of the tank. My email last week to Toto customer support asking where their toilets are made has so far been unanswered.

Can someone tell me which toilets are made in the USA, which are made in China, and which are made elsewhere.

Also, since we're doing our entire bathroom, if someone knows where bathtub and sink faucets are made, that would help to.