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Thread: Softener hookup issue - 1" bypass, 3/4" Main

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    Default Softener hookup issue - 1" bypass, 3/4" Main

    Hi, I am planning to replace my existing softener tomorrow. I ordered the replacement online and talked with the sales rep. I told him what I have, and he sold me a nice system.
    Here is the issue - I have 3/4" plumbing throughout the house, but he sent me a 1" bypass for the softener. Is that a problem? Is there a safe, effective way to upsize to 1" going in the softener and coming out before getting sized back to 3/4?

    If the answer is send it back and start over, I will. But if I can make it work I'd sure like to.

    Many thanks for any advice!

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    Depending on the bypass that you have with the new system, all that you might need are 2 1"X3/4" bushings.. put the bushings into the bypass if it is a fleck bypass.. if it is the plastic with yoke then use 2 1"X3/4" reducers.

    Life is then good.

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    If the two softeners are the same brand, the old bypass may attach right to the new softener, otherwise get two 1 x3/4 couplings, reducers, or elbows depending on what you need to make it work.

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