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Thread: Delta Three-Handled Faucet

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    Default Delta Three-Handled Faucet

    We have a Delta three-handled faucet in our bathtub. The hot water handle was leaking, so I went to Lowe's and got a 7S-4D diverter stem extension, a diverter stem, and some seats and springs, all Danco brand. I tried putting the seats and springs in in all the combinations--seat first, then spring, spring and seat, small end of spring in seat--but no matter how I turn the handles, water still gushes out of the spout! What am I doing wrong?

    How should I put the seat and spring together?

    Is there something in the metal pipes the handles go in that I should remove with a socket wrench? In the hot water pipe, it feels like there are two holes for the spring, and the hole in the cold pipe feels like it's off center!

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    In the tree handle valve, there should be one seat and spring each, on hot and cold. The hole should be off center, to match te off-center hole or slot on bottom of stem.

    If the springs which came out were short and stubby, use that type. Larger end of spring down into the valve.

    If you valve is older, about 1972 date or older, it may use a long thin non-tapered spring.

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