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Thread: Mold containment

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    Didn't you see... where I stated... removal? I said exactly that oh wise one. My walls were removed, my floor and some of the sub floor was removed, it was all gone. I started from scratch. The fire studs were removed in sections and replaced. It was... removed. AFTER, it was all ... gone... they brought in the heavy machinery.

    By the way, I don't use any chemicals due to my 5 diagnoses of Lymphoma, and 6 years spent total on Chemo. I never ever lived with my head inside a can of raid, but with a stage 3 & 4 cancer, and finally! joyfully, being in remission after so many trials & tribulations, for 5 years now, I don't even use hair spray. I like that look better anyway.

    My house is about as chemical and mold-free as a human being can get it without being obsessive-compulsive. And, nearly dying from a Pneumonia brought on by mold, ONLY after all the crap I went though sitting in that pink chemo chair day after day, month after month, year after year, watching all others living there lives, I KNOW about mold. Trust me oh wise one, on this one.
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    That is great to hear that you're doing much better now.

    No need to repeat what has already been stated on the previous page though.

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    Default Mold Killer / Encapsulant

    As a certified mold remediation contractor, I am sorry to inform you that there is no recognized all in one mold killer & encapsulant. If you want good advice on the subject you can try these two sites:





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    More advertising?

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    "absolutely spotless" is just more typical internet sales job.

    If you REALLY want to learn about mold remediation, go to sites that don't have a commercial interest. Like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), or any number of State health departments.

    For example, this "absolutely spotless" site claims that you have to do laboratory testing. Fact is, the EPA and most other agencies DO NOT recommend testing as a general step for the simple reason that... it doesn't really matter. The basic principles of mold remediation don't change based on the test results. There are of course specific instances where testing may be indicated, but the EPA does NOT recommend it as a general step. If you think that the mold might be responsible for some specific malady or illness, for example... then yes, test. But to promote testing as a general step is simply another way for a commercial outfit to separate you from your money. Which, by the way, is absolutely TEEMING with mold spores.

    Also, no one is claiming that there is any "all in one" mold killer or encapsulant. The EPA dooes not think it's even necessary or desirable to kill or encapsulate mold.

    This post is just an attempt to get people to go to this website.

    It's true that an individual CAN certainly handle remediation - you don't always need a professional. You DO however have to read and follow sound protocols laid out by the EPA, CDC or other resposible agency. Not "most" of the procedures... ALL of them. You'll find that all the responsible non-commercial sitesl say pretty much the same thing. Number One Priority is always, fix the moisture problem. Some tend to include a disinfectant step (bleach being most commonly cited). On the other hand, the EPA tends to downplay the importance of the disinfectant, preferring instead to get rid of the mold by either scrubbing with detergent or cutting out the material and replacing it (things like drywall, carpeting and heavily infected wood).

    Even if you choose to call a pro, you should study the EPA material, as well as CDC and other non-commercial information on the topic. It's an easy read, and being an educated consumer will help you to avoid getting ripped off.

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    Chances are the mold is being caused from a leak or crack in your foundation. I would rip out the drywall and worry more about the mold underneath the drywall. Once you remove the drywall you need to fix the crack (epoxy injection kits work great) and then seal the concrete with a urethane sealer.

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    Thumbs down Whew...

    Re: Your first reply.

    "Uh TWEAK, I think you're TWEAKING!”

    I realize that you stated,
    “Here's what I think is the best approach - but be forewarned this is MY OPINION ONLY.” … “If you don't want to do this, hire a professional mold remediation firm.”

    After reading the steps/tools/chemicals etc., you mentioned, I certainly think that hiring a professional mold remediation firm would be wayyyy cheaper than your method. I mean according to you post, I would have to purchase…

    1. 6 mil plastic and a poop load of tape to “seal off” the full area.
    2. A respirator, not dust mask, as well as gloves, eye protection. Okay, so most folks have some gloves.
    3. A forced air system, which protects lungs and eyes. But, isn't that already covered in #2 above?? Yep… not probably, we are talking overkill!! Nevertheless, you do use it to achieve you mold clean-up goals.
    4. In addition you state that you have also used a NIOSH N-95 mask!! See #2 again!
    5. New carpet since you don't try and save it.
    6. Steel wire brushes.
    7. A poop load of bleach
    8. New sheet rock, vapor barriers, studs, sub-floors and new flooring if damaged, YIKES!! And lastly…
    9. Or whatever. Now that’s way too “wide open”!

    Lets see, all I need to add is, doors, windows, paint and furniture and I got me a NEW HOUSE!!

    Therefore, let me repeat my first statement…

    “TWEAK, I think you're definitely TWEAKING!"

    Now go relax, or go out and paint a dozen cars!
    Chill dude, chill. LOL

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