I have a newer home with a newer toilet. When i flush, the bowl it will fill up with water and slowly drain out. I have augered out the toilet with a toilet snake and the problems has not got any better. when i flush the bowl will fill up and slowly drain out the entire amount of water, leaving just enought water to fill the drain hole in the bottom of the the toilet. i have tried a gallon of hott was with soap to try to free any blockage. The next steps i can think of is to remove the toilet and snake from that opening where the toilet sits or to go in from the roof through the vent on the roof. I can't say that the other drains in the house are slow but possibly a bit. I would like to avoid calling out a professional if possiable.

Is it possiable for a toilet to go bad?

Any advise on this matter would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks Brian.