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Thread: Bathroom Addition

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    I am having a room put over my garage. I am thinking about putting in a half bath. I wanted to know how much could I expect to pay to have a plumber rough-in the sink and toilet. There is a clean out located in the garage below. The clean out is located approx. 8 ft below, and 16ft to the right of where the toilet and sink would need to be located. Thanks.


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    Rich, there are too many variables in a job like this to even try to give ballpark figure. Estimating cost for jobs like this must be done on-site. I believe your best bet is to get estimates from 2 or 3 local shops.

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    Rich, here is a data point for you. I had a plumber move a tub drain and replace a toilet drain for my master bath remodel. I did all the demolition work including taking out the complete subfloor so he had 100% access. Cost was $450, I'm guessing it took him about 4 hours, and he had a (not too intelligent looking) helper. So that was for strictly plumbing work. Sounds like you have some demolition/carpentry work that also needs to be done, which would be extra.

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    Default pipe

    The cleanout in the garage below would only be beneficial if it was on a 3" or larger line. If it is the proper size, then all that does is tell a plumber where he has to connect. There are many other items that have to be considered before even trying to give an estimate, and all of them require that the plumber see the jobsite.


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