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Thread: Cadet 3 original flapper fix.

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    Talking Cadet 3 original flapper fix.

    Replaced a previous American Standard toilet that never really did flush correctly. Almost didn't get another American Standard because it was so bad. But when at Lowe's this guy picking up a Cadet 3 said he had several and liked them. So got one.

    It really did flush well with very little water. Unlike the previous one that used a lot of water and just swirled it around the bowl. Still, the flapper from American Standard is not very good. I shouldn't have to hold the handle down to make sure it flushes fully. So was going to head to the store this morning and buy a korky flapper. But came up with an idea I tried it this morning instead.

    The FIX:
    Just like mentioned on here, the flapper closes way too fast. So I took the puck shaped float from the previous toliet and cut it in half. Then pushed each half up into the bottom of the OEM flapper cavity. I had it on the chain right above the flapper, but that didn't work and see someone tried that as well. Well, this new location works perfect. The float is now under the flapper in the cavity. And when flush it keeps the flapper up longer so get a full flush now.

    One half the float might work well also, but haven't tried that.

    If I haven't made myself clear enough can take it out and post a picture.

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    None of the low-flow toilets are designed to empty the tank...they use the water height in the tank to give the amount they do use more oomph. So, the modification you made changed the toilet into a non-conforming 3+ gallon flush tank. There are quality toilets out there that do work fine with the lower flows. So, you are not getting the water savings you paid for. Pay a little more now, or pay forever for more water and sewer charges; your choice.
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    I have to disagree.
    1) This still doesn't empty the little that was in the tank anyway.
    2) I just extended the flapper buoyancy by a little bit. The OEM flapped down so quick that you either have to hold it down longer (mentioned by others here) or flush twice. I have actually saved more water than doing either of those.
    3) Even with the modification it uses probably 4 or 5 time less than the non flushing low flow toilet I replaced it with. Maybe even more considering that even then the previous still had to be flushed again sometimes.
    4) The sewer company already raised their monthly from 19.14 to 31.98 for upgrades and improvements. Even though I will be using much less water than previous. I still won't see a lower bill. So I will be paying more, even though using much less. Even if I reduced it to a tablespoon.

    5) Over the years I have upgraded my windows, attic insulation, insulated the basement,... even insulation in some of the walls I have redone. Replaced the exterior doors, have replaced all but one light with fluorescent, new efficient water heater, new front loading washer and dryer. Have a programmable thermostat,.... I recycle and take it myself to the recycle center, even though I don't have to and could just put it in the trash.

    So, do I fill bad about using a little bit more water, but much less than previously to obtain a decent flush. Nope, not at all.
    Is it going to change my water or sewer bill? Sewer bill is not going to drop even though should, but my water bill probably will.

    Just turned the water off and measured a flush. Inside the tank it says 1.28 gpf.
    Took one gallon to fill the tank back up to the 5/8 inch below the overflow. Then there is the little bit that goes into the overfill to add a little more to the bowl, which wasn't much and is probably around the .28 gallons. So I would say that the toilet I bought actually used less than advertised to flush. Which wasn't enough to create a productive flush. Which means that my modification actually did nothing more than bring the toilet up to compliance with what the bowl says it actually used.
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