I am moving my kitchen sink to the opposite wall and as such I will run new drain into the basement and connect to the main drain and vent into the attic and connect to the main vent.

The question is with my sink under the window which is the best way to vent. I am used to wet vents going straight up from the drain.

My options are 1) have a stubout with a 90deg and run 2 feet till the end of the window and connect into a sanitary T that drains into the basement and vents through the roof. The problem with this option is that the drain pipe going into the basement would run right over the electrical panel. Although there is a lot of room in the joists to run the pipe between the joists toward the basement beam, my concern is that it is right over the panel.

The second option is to stubout with a 90deg and run one foot (still under the window) and connect into a "T" at this point. The drain would be between joists just over from the panel. However the vent would go up to the window sill and then take a 90deg turn for another feet, and then run up along side of the window. The window sill is 40" above the ground. Is this option viable or is there a beter way. Thx