I have a clack EE with 1.5 ft3 high capacity resin.
1 person household, but I bought a 40000 grain unit to size for the house.
water usage is 30 gpd. (5700 gal/6 months)

My ? is I have seen a 60 min draw time used by most posters here- My brine tank is empty 15 min into the "Draw" cycle. Does the resin need the rest of the 60 min to regen, or can I set my draw time to 15 min?

my times are:
13 min backwash
25 min draw
10 min backwash
15 min rinse
8 min fill

Set to regen every 1500 gallons of water use- I know this regens the resin every 50 days- but weekly or bi-weekly would be a waste of salt and water.