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Thread: Noritz Descaling

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    Default Noritz Descaling

    My plumber says to descale my Noritz (model no. N-0751M-OD) every year. $245 for machine to descale it, $25 for chemical, plus two hours labor. They offered to rent me the machine for $45 or tell me where to buy one. Is this in the ballpark? The water heater is 2 years old and making noise.

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    As I understand it, if you have the proper fittings already installed on your system (if not, adding them would increase the first-time costs), you need a pump, some tubing, and a bucket. I'm sure you could make it look prettier. Since you'd probably want a SS pump, that would be the biggest expense. You want something that would stand up to the mild acid you'd be pumping through the system. Depending on your water hardness, you may want to do this once a year, so purchase of the machine or making one seems like a good purchase to keep it running at full efficiency and capacity. A water softener would probably extend the time in between when this needed to be done. Essentially, you shut the thing off, isolate the supply and output, then pump the mild acid through the guts of the thing until you've disolved all of the mineral deposits, flush the thing with fresh water, then reopen the lines and turn it back on. A food grade vinegar should be enough. The owner's manual may describe the procedure.
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    Hi Kamo. This is a question that comes up often here at Noritz Tankless Water Heaters. As with all tankless units, and tank units as well, maintenance is key to keeping the unit in its optimum performance level. The harder the water, the more aggressive it is on appliances, especially water heaters. Over time this scale reduces the performance as well as the longevity of a water heater. Scale can damage shower heads, faucets, piping and the tankless heat exchanger. Problems resulting from scale formation are not covered by the Noritz warranty.

    There are a few options to maintain a scale-free Noritz unit. Depending on the hardness level of your area you may have to flush your heater yearly. This can be done easily with a submersion pump and either CLR and water or a vinegar solution. Another option is to invest in a scale-prevention device such as ScaleShield or H2FLOW. These units will prevent scale from forming on your heater. These units are economical and efficient compared to a whole-house water softening system. They require very low maintenance and can reduce or eliminate your need to flush the heater, depending again on your water’s hardness level.

    If you would like more information on any of the aforementioned options please contact Noritz at 866-766-7489

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