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Thread: Anyone used FluidMaster WaxFree toilet gasket on a flang with a recessed drain pipe?

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    Default Anyone used FluidMaster WaxFree toilet gasket on a flang with a recessed drain pipe?

    Here is my situation.. my flange sites .75 inches below my tile surface. Tried using an extended height wax ring but it seems just barely tall enough (its barely squishes at all). I thought I would trying a Fluidmaster wax free toilet gasket. Ran into problems as my 3" drain pipe doesn't sit flush with the top of my flange.. it sits down slightly. However, its just enough that using the 3" ring from Fluid Master just barely reaches into the drain pipe. What seemed to work though, is using the larger rubber ring and placing in inside the recessed area of the flange just above the top of the 3" drain pipe. Seems to fit snug and I don't have any leaks. I guess the only reason I am concerned is the possibility of sewer gas leaking up through. Is it safe to say that it would be painfully obvious if it was leaking sewer gas?

    Don't know if it matters, but I used the approach of placing the gasket on the bottom of the toilet and inserting it (like I read this board) rather than following FluidMaster's instructions.

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    YOu should have cut a piece of 3" pipe and glued it inside the flange so it WAS up to the level of the flange top.

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