Hi everyone, I would appreciate your comments. I manage a small commercial building and there are two water meters for the 3 tenants. Both meters were replaced by the city (routine maintenance) in March, 2010. Since then one of the meters has shown crazy high usage. The history of this meter -- for at least 10 years back--shows about 25 units a quarter. The last 4 readings have been: 24, 55, 77, 99.
My bill has jumped from about $175 to $535. After much screwing around, and my building maintenance guy insisting that the water dept guy please take a second look, we have determined that the water line to the building is a 5/8" line and the meter is a 1" flow device. The other meter was the proper size and there has been no change in usage on that water bill. The accounting department told me on Friday that this "wrong" meter being installed would have made only about a $15 per quarter difference on my bill. does this sound right to you plumbing experts? Can you suggest any questions that I should be asking the water dept's maintenance guy when I call him in a couple of days. As it is, I'm dealing with a woman in the office who knows no more than I do about water measuring devices -- but I can do the math!!! Help is appreciated!