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    I knew my bank was changing names, but when I called today, they were no longer English speaking. The recording answered in Spanish. Thinking that I made a mistake maybe somehow, I hung up and called back. I did this 3 times, each time, all in Spanish. I started pushing buttons thinking I could get English but, instead I just got disconnected. I wondered, what's up with this?

    I rode down and drove through the drive thru asking the teller for some information and now, I had to walk in. Inside I was told the person was fixing this but it might take a couple of days because the tech only spoke spanish.

    I asked if they were only taking peso's.

    For added fun, I noticed the ATM was down and I had to look... Yep, all instructions only in Spanish.

    I live in an area where the only Spanish speaking person is my best friend, Doris. She listened and told me that the tape said, " at this time, we cannot accept English."

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    too true. lol. Just for the heck of it, I just tried the number and we are still speaking spanish. Why couldn't it had been french?

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    I don't speak Spanish either.

    But for TRUE English speakers, even America can be a hard place to be understood.

    Metroplex, is simply not a word.

    Neither is faucet. Tap is the correct term.

    Garbage. Nope, that'll be rubbish.

    You can take the elevator. I'll take the lift, thanks.

    No trucks. Only lorries.

    A shopping cart is a shopping trolley.

    I'm serious here. I have been in conversations with Americans where we just stare blankly at each other and don't know what the other one is talking about.

    I blame your father. And his father.

    But language aside, Americans can absolutely not drive.

    Where I come from, I must have a minimum of ten lessons with a licensed, bonded and insured instructor before I can take my test (which is a proper driving test, and not just a trip around the block). So the next time someone cuts you up, remember Americans cannot drive because they were never properly taught to.

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    How odd, because when I go to another's country I don't criticize their language, because... it isn't mine to criticize.

    I simply won't go back.

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    I'm not criticising it (we use s's, you use z's)!

    I am merely pointing out that your English is different to our English.

    Your Spanish is different to our Spanish too, you know.

    I was, however, criticising your driving.

    That really is very bad.

    I don't want you to ever think that I bad mouth America.

    I love America.

    I just like pointing out that it is second best to England.

    Second place ain't bad though, eh?

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