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Thread: The Queen Applies For Energy Assistance Aid

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    Default The Queen Applies For Energy Assistance Aid

    Just another good reason why the colonies sent the Brits home.
    These Monarchs are just so out of touch with reality....

    Queen tried to get UK poverty fund to heat palace

    By RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press Writer ~ LONDON A government fund intended to provide subsidized heating to low-income Britons got some interest from an unexpected source: Queen Elizabeth II, who wanted help paying the bills at Buckingham Palace.

    The official response, according to documents unearthed by The Independent newspaper, was that the handout might prove to be an embarrassment if word got out. The paper quotes an unnamed functionary as gently reminding the royal household that the money was meant for local authorities, housing associations, and the like.

    "I also feel a bit uneasy about the probable adverse press coverage if the Palace were given a grant at the expense of say a hospital," the paper quoted the official as saying. "Sorry this doesn't sound more positive."

    The newspaper said royal aides were looking for a way to pay the queen's spiraling utility bills, which had risen by 50 percent to more than 1 million pounds ($1.58 million) in 2004. A letter written that year and addressed to Britain's culture department asked whether the queen could get a community energy grant to upgrade the heating systems at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, the monarch's favorite weekend residence.

    Officials were receptive to the idea, but eventually decided against it, the paper said Friday, citing documents obtained under Britain's Freedom of Information Act.

    A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman confirmed that royal officials had explored the possibility of getting money under the program, saying it was part of an attempt to reduce both its burden on the taxpayer and improve the palaces' energy efficiency. She claimed the royal household was not initially aware that the money had been earmarked for low-income Britons.

    Expensive or not, word that the royal household had toyed with the idea of trying to get money intended for some of the nation's poorest citizens had a medieval ring to it and the drew the ire of Republic, which campaigns for the abolition of the British monarchy.

    The group said the story provided "clear evidence of the contempt the palace has for ordinary people in this country."

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    Geez, she could shut off the heat to a couple of rooms and use some of her hats as kindling, and find a really cool, well, maybe really, hot guy to snuggle with on those cold nights.

    * To note: A huge yard sale might help.
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    I'm having to jump all over this forum keeping you farmers at bay.

    Actually only Sandringham and Balmoral are the private property of the Queen. Windsor, Buck House, Kensington Palace, Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh, St James Palace, Clarence House etc are the property of the State i.e. the people.

    The East Coast of America used to belong to us too. We loved it so much, some of us stayed! Traitors!

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    That is one big time share! When's my turn?

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    Where is Cromwell when you need him? (You are going to get beat up on this one, Ian).

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    I already changed from my American, Size 6, very small size 6 stilettos to... these!

    snazzy aren't they
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